Page 6 - Great Schools Partnership 20017-2018 Annual Report
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 There’s strong agreement that parents are their child’s most important first teacher. Parents as Teachers (PAT) focuses on building the skills and confidence of parents through an evidence- based home visitation curriculum grounded in research. The program supports the critical role families play in school readiness and the healthy development of children. Working with parents from prenatal through the child entering kindergarten, PAT helps children enter kindergarten ready to learn. In Knox County, the program has demonstrated that the benefits last at least through third grade, including their reading proficiency surpassing that of other students.
The PAT model has four dynamic components: personal visits, group connections, child screenings and a resource network. Together these components create a cohesive package of services for families with young children. Highly trained parent educators make in-home visits which improve parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and overall family well-being.
  The PAT curriculum helps parents foster their child’s development (like gross motor skills in this photo) and use their home as their child’s first classroom.
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