Page 7 - Great Schools Partnership 20017-2018 Annual Report
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   263 Children Served
Upon reaching 3rd grade, PAT graduates score 3.73 POINTS higher in math and 4.19 POINTS higher in reading/language arts than their counterparts who were not in the PAT program
PAT graduates ...
• score higher on kindergarten readiness tests
• are better problem solvers
• are healthier
• are more advanced in language and social development
1,899 Home Visits
17% of visits included a father or male guardian
28% of visits included more than one caregiver (such as a grandparent)
42% of referrals were from East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
Referrals also come from DCS and from a myriad of sources - Families served are across all of Knox County
    205 Families Served
 23 Children and parents graduated from the PAT program
  Leaders for Readers Program
Consider for a moment that less than half of Knox County’s third graders are proficient readers. Our entire community needs to address this issue and Leaders for Readers (LFR)
provides an option for individual volunteers to be part of the solution. Using an evidence-based model, volunteers provide one-on-one support for students who need to build their proficiency. Serving 425 students in the 2017- 2018 school year, the program grew by 52 percent over the previous year. The majority of participants are from racially diverse (63.5%) and economically challenged backgrounds (57%). Participants increased their mean reading rank by half a point more than a matched control group. Additionally, teachers report that 85 percent of participants improved in at least one
of the following: overall reading (50%), reading comprehension (56%), oral reading fluency (61%), attitude about school (42%) and attitude about reading (50%). The Leaders
for Readers program is directly making improvements in students
reading growth. • Knoxville, TN

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