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 Additional 2017-2018 Initiatives
    National Institute for Excellence in
Teaching (NIET)
Learning Forward
Principal Leadership Academy
CodeTN has a goal of developing well-rounded students that understand the multidisciplinary and interconnected landscape of digital technology. Since inception in 2014, Code TN has averaged an impressive growth rate (37%) and has now expanded to include 16 schools. Even more notably, Code TN has been successful at recruiting female students (80%
increase annually) in this historically male driven field. CodeTN’s flagship event is the annual competition, the culmination of a six-month process through which students work closely
with their classmates, a TechPro and a teacher-sponsor to plan, design, and code their own dynamic web application, in the hopes of winning $5,000 for their school. Additionally, CodeTN partners with a community of creators and makers to help facilitate year-round learning for students and teachers. They provide a community calendar of events for students as well as their own hand-crafted selection of professional development trainings for teachers.
Through funding support from Great Schools Partnership, Belle Morris Elementary and Austin- East High School developed a support plan aimed at achieving the following goals:
• Build instructional leadership capacity for principals and teachers
• Build an environment of collective efficacy to promote administrator and teacher retention • Build a common instructional language that is focused on student outcomes
• Promote student achievement by strengthening collective leadership
  Building the capacity of leaders to establish and sustain highly effective professional learning, the Learning Forward program focuses on high school graduation. In collaboration with Austin-East, Central,
and Fulton High Schools, the program analyzes graduation predictors to assure students receiving diplomas have accomplished meaningful
work to achieve the goal.
This intensive 15-month program includes a full-year fellowship in a school leadership role alongside strong and successful principals serving as mentors. Each week, participants spend four days serving as an assistant principal
to experience school the way a principal would. The fifth day they have courses at
the University of Tennessee Knoxville with professors
and practitioners. The 2017-2018 year was Knox County's last year participating
in the Principal Leadership Academy.
Through a TeacherPreneur grant, Vine Middle Magnet students learn about the technical, scientific, future uses and fun aspects of virtual reality goggles. • Knoxville, TN

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